Who We Are

Retina Action is a coalition of vision and aging groups representing the voice of people affected by vision loss and the aging population. The partnership has worked together informally for many years and in 2017 decided to formalise and develop a work stream to assist in its objectives of improving awareness of conditions such as Age-related Eye Disease, AMD, Geographic Atrophy, GA and Diabetes-related Eye Disease, DED.

In late 2017 they launched retina-amd.org, a toolkit designed to provide the most up to date scientific information and therapeutic developments in the area of AMD. This information was developed for the members of the patient bodies that make up the coalition to use not only in their local communications and advocacy work but also to ensure those affected or at risk of developing these conditions were up to date on the latest scientific advances, therapy development and rehabilitation services.

In January 2019 Retina Action launched retina-ded.org, a toolkit that provides high quality information to those at risk and affected by Diabetes-related Retinopathy, Diabetes-related Macular Edema and other diabetes-related eye diseases, a group of very complex conditions, to equip advocates with the information they need to educate policy makers on the importance of screening for this degenerative retinal disease.

Retina Action Partnership:

Prevent Blindness USA www.preventblindness.org

International Federation on Aging Australia  www.ifa-fiv.org

Retina France www.retina.fr

ProRetina Germany www.pro-retina.de

Canadian Council of the Blind  www.ccbnational.net

Blind & Low Vision New Zealand www.blindlowvision.org.nz

European Council of Optometry and Optics www.ecoo.info

European Alliance for Personalised Medicine www.euapm.eu

Retina International www.retina-international.org